Previous Clients and Projects

NLT has served a wide variety of clients. We have designed hardware and systems, assisted in design reviews and proposals, and solved seemingly intractable problems involving noise and distortion. We can do the same for you.

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Previous clients include...

  • Aerospace Corp.; El Segundo, CA
  • Applied Wave Research; El Segundo, CA
  • Chalmers University; Gothenburg, Sweden
  • COMSAT Laboratories; Clarksburg, MD
  • Delphi Automotive; Mainz, Germany
  • Ericsson Microwave; Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Hughes Aircraft Co. Research Laboratories; Malibu, CA
  • Hughes Aircraft Co. Radar Systems Group; El Segundo, CA
  • ITT Gilfillan; Van Nuys, CA
  • Litton Electron Devices; Milpitas, CA
  • Lockheed Sanders Corp.; Nashua, NH
  • Martin Marietta Aerospace; Philadelphia, PA
  • Motorola, Inc. Research Laboratories; Phoenix, AZ
  • Northrop Grumman Corp.; Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Raytheon Corp; El Segundo, CA
  • Rockwell Collins Co.; Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Saab-Ericsson Aerospace; Gothenburg, Sweden
  • TRW Electronic Systems Group; Redondo Beach, CA
  • Watkins Johnson Co., Palo Alto, CA
  • Numerous small and start-up companies

Previous projects include...

  • Design of millimeter-wave balanced diode frequency multipliers
  • Design of a line of low-cost, high-performance commercial mixers
  • Design of innovative doubly balanced monolithic mixers
  • Development of specialized software for modeling IM in an optical modulator
  • Design of parts of a direct-broadcast satellite downconverter IC
  • Design of mixers and other receiver components for low-cost wireless applications
  • Design of a variety of RF and microwave integrated circuits in FET, HEMT, and HBT technologies
  • Optimization of a low-distortion amplifier IC
  • Development of FET and HBT distortion models and their installation into Libra
  • Design of a SiGe HBT balanced X-band mixer IC
  • Design of several mmW HEMT amplifiers, frequency multipliers, and oscillators
  • Design of RF FET resistive mixers for wireless applications
  • Development of a high-precision power FET model and its installation into Libra
  • Design of RF ultra-low-distortion mixers
  • Design of HBT power amplifiers for high-frequency applications
  • Support of design reviews for a mixer-development project
  • Development of large-signal HBT models
  • Design of a nonlinear transmission line shock-wave generator
  • Development of mmW HEMT power device models
  • Design of several subharmonically pumped diode mixers
  • Design of wireless and cellular HBT power amplifiers
  • Design of fundamental-frequency and doubling oscillators, VCO and DRO, for government and commercial applications
  • Design of an 18-40 GHz doubly balanced, low-distortion diode mixer