Mixer Design

At NLT our most important specialty is mixer design. We can design any type of mixer, for any application, in any frequency range. We are especially adept at designing mixers for low-distortion and low-cost applications. We can determine the type of mixer most appropriate for your application, design it, and support fabrication and test.

Design of Other Nonlinear and Low-Noise Circuits

We design oscillators, mixers, modulators, frequency multipliers, power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, and RF/microwave systems. High-performance and low-cost circuits are our specialty.

Device Modeling

We frequently develop custom solid-state device models and install them as "user-defined models" in Microwave Office. (We no longer do Series IV or ADS models; sorry.) We also develop parameter-extraction methods and software.

Distortion Analysis and Reduction

You have a distortion problem? We solve it. We have solved a number of very sticky problems related to nonlinear distortion in components and systems. We specialize in analyzing and minimizing mixer and amplifier distortion.

Circuit and System Analysis

We have all the facilities necessary to analyze and design a wide variety of nonlinear circuits. NLT's facilities include advanced linear and nonlinear CAD software, especially the entire Microwave Office suite of tools. Of course, many such problems require specialized analyses, which we can perform.

General Support

We support clients in design projects, design reviews (either the supplier or the customer), customer meetings, and similar efforts.