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NLT is deeply involved in the development of Microwave Office and Analog Office, the first genuinely new circuit analysis tools in over 30 years. For more information on these products, see the AWR web site.

Books by Steve Maas

The books listed below are available from Artech House.

Practical Microwave Circuits

A new book that views microwave structures from a circuits point of view, not so much electromagnetic. It's a collection of things that are largely not taught in universities.
ISBN 1-60807-800-4

Nonlinear RF and Microwave Circuits, Second Edition

The second edition of this popular book is now available.
ISBN 1-58053-484-8

Microwave Mixers, Second Edition

Microwave Mixers is out of print, but can be ordered through Artech via their "in print forever" program. In this case, the book is reprinted from microfilm.
ISBN 0-89006-605-1

The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook

ISBN 0-89006-973-5

Noise in Linear and Nonlinear Circuits

ISBN 1-58053-849-5

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